Training Philosophy


Running has played an integral part in my life and shaped many of my greatest experiences, relationships and significant moments.  There is a simple yet profound level of satisfaction that comes when one puts all of themselves into the pursuit of a goal and when it is all said and done the feeling the pure joy of knowing you gave your best effort regardless of the outcome.  My motivation in working with athletes is that they may feel that same satisfaction and use my background and experience as a means for others to achieve their own aspirations in running.

I have been very fortunate to learn from some great coaches and other legendary athletes throughout my 27 years involved in the sport of long distance running.  From my early years as a young boy absorbing fundamentals from my lifelong friend Sam Walker who mimicked the east African athletes he lived and trained with at the University of Texas El Paso.  To Mark Wetmore in College and beyond, who is one of the most accomplished NCAA coaches of our time.  I was always asking questions, always taking notes, would grill my fellow competitors to gain as much knowledge and insight possible.  I emulated legends such as Steve Jones, Arturo Barrios, Bob Kennedy and others and tested different methods to see what was truly sound.  Although there are no secrets, there are elements that must be present in order to see results.  The key is having the right combination and proper amount of stimulus on the various systems in your program.  Where it gets tricky is that everyone’s physiology is different so different combinations are necessary.  There must be all the elements in the correct balance in order to have the desired result.  What I have found is that most people have a basic understanding of what to include but where they falter is in the area of how much and when to include the various components.  Lactate Threshold, Anaerobic Threshold and Speed Work must all be considered, no one single area can be neglected or your entire physiological system will not be developed properly.

What I do is provide the necessary fundamental elements that must be present based around your own personal physiological strengths and weaknesses.  I also provide the secondary components that when all totaled make a significant impact.  Power, mechanics, heart rate, easy day effort, long run length/effort are considered and factored into a proper training plan all while recognizing that this is just one element of a person’s life.  I certainly understand the need for a proper balance, I was married, had children and was involved in our community all while pursuing my running career at the highest level.   I still enjoy running daily and with a wife and small children understand the sensitive balancing act.

I consider helping others in this capacity a priviledge and enjoy the process immensely.  Let me help you run with purpose.