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Run Like a Champion

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[ 2.13.15  ]  In Run Like a Champion, one of America’s most versatile and accomplished runners, Alan Culpepper, lays out his approach—and the lessons he learned from his competitors—so that any runner can fully realize their potential. As a two-time Olympian, Culpepper has unique insight as to what it takes to compete at the highest level having competed alongside some of the world’s best runners in his 25-year career. Despite many differences and approaches to training, they all shared a common mastery which he covers in depth. This holistic approach to running looks at essential training elements, identifying motivation, proper work/life/family balance, and understanding complimentary aspects of training. Run Like a Champion reveals the guidelines, tips and tricks, workouts, mental preparation, and nutritional practices that Olympic runners use.


Culpepper | Coaching™ was born out of a passion to run and the desire for others to be able to experience running to its fullest. A running enthusiast or someone interested in starting to run often ask the following questions when searching for someone to either help them get faster, or just get started: ( 1 ) “Can you coach me? ” ( 2 ) “How much communication will I be getting?” and ( 3 ) “Will I see results?”

Culpepper | Coaching™ has been set up specifically to address these concerns and provide two options:

» Personalized Online Coaching

» Individual Training Programs

…both developed by Olympian, Alan Culpepper, for the committed runner or the just-getting-started.