Personal Online Coaching


First you will receive a running assessment questionnaire.  This detailed document will provide Coach Culpepper with all of the necessary information for understanding your background in running, mileage, current fitness, racing history, scheduled events, injury history, etc.

Once your questionnaire is complete, Coach Culpepper will schedule a phone consultation with you to review your assessment responses and discuss any other items necessary at that time. His objective will be to understand your personal history, goals, travel plans, work/life balance, and more to develop a comprehensive training plan for reaching your goals. Soon after that you will receive the first phase of your training plan! (Limited spaces available)



+Training laid out and sent in two week segments for ease of use and the ability to modify as needed as you progress
+Detailed instructions for each day
+Mileage, pace, workouts, long run, races, other life commitments, cross training etc. are all considered and factored in
+Communication is continual and unlimited
+Strategy for races, review specific workouts, talk through the physiology of workout, nutritional planning, footwear advice, cross training advise, running form discussions

Run Like a Champion

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Each day will be laid out to include the following:
+ Distance
+ Pace
+ Heart Rate
+ Long Runs
+ Total Mileage
+ Effort Levels
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From Alan:


“My main focus in coaching is to help others achieve their goals by training each athlete according to their unique attributes.  Many runners don’t really know or understand when to take it easy or when they should be pushing hard in training. They often get confused and find themselves either overdoing it or not training at the level necessary to achieve their personal goals. Having a coach with an outside perspective can help.  My years as a runner and training/competitive experience can benefit you. I have been through the many ups and downs we all know a runner will encounter. I will do my best to effectively communicate with you to provide the highest level of training protocol and insight available. My training methods have been successful in helping runners achieve their goals which I attribute also to the fact that I am committed to my athletes and to the overall details of their program.  Through this process you will discover how to train in a way that is not only intentional but is also smart…with purpose in mind.  If you commit yourself to the program developed for you, I am confident that by diligence, communication, and attention to detail, you will be able to achieve your goals!” – Alan Culpepper