Individual Training Programs


If you are looking for a customized and detailed program but not in need of hands-on coaching, consider an Individual Training ProgramThese training programs are custom developed for your, your level with your history and schedule and designed to help you achieve your running goals.

Similar to the Personalized Coaching approach, you will need to provide a completed Running Assessment Questionnaire containing your background in running, mileage, current fitness, racing history, events, injury history, etc. so Coach Culpepper can design/develop your Individual Training Program. Coach Culpepper cannot emphasize enough how he wholeheartedly believes a runner should avoid a generic approach or “templated” approach to reach their potential and maximize results. Whether you are a beginner or a lifelong runner with a good understanding of solid training principles, Coach Culpepper is confident that you can benefit from an Individualized Training Program specifically designed for you.


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Programs offered:

+ Marathon
+ Half Marathon
+ 5K/10K
+ Triathlon (Running Program)
+ Base Phase Program
+ High School Off Season Program

 6 Weeks  – $90

 8 Weeks  – $110
 12 Weeks – $150 
 16 Weeks – $190 
 20 Weeks – $230