Frequently Asked Questions

As a former Olympian is your training to elite for me?  

Absolutely not!  My background may prove to be a bit intimidating for someone who is a running enthusiast but non elite however, I can assure you that my accomplishments and experience are only used as a means to help you succeed.  The training methods that I use are proven to work at all levels and the program developed for you will be just that, specific to you.  The vast majority of the athletes I work with are not at an elite level but rather folks that simply want to get the most out of themselves and are looking for expert advice.      

How do I get started?

All the details of getting started are laid out on the various pages of the site but simply stated if you are interested in Personal Online Coaching send an email to to start the process.  Just a quick note with some basic information about your running background and what you are currently training for will suffice.   I will follow up promptly to get a higher level of detail.  If you are looking for an Individual Training Plan click on the ‘Buy Now’ on this page to register. 

What is the difference between Online Coaching and an Individual Training Plan?

The biggest difference is related to the ongoing unlimited communication and adjustment of the training based on progress, results, illness etc.  Both programs are personal and tailored specifically to you, but with Online Coaching you get the added benefit of myself helping you every step of the way.  An Individual Training Plan is still a very specific plan based on your current fitness, your goals, travel/vacation etc. but does not involve the coach/athlete relationship that some desire and need to make the next step.  

What if get through my Individual Training Plan and want to switch to Online Coaching? 

No problem, I am always interested in exploring working with additional athletes.  Just send a quick email to to let me know.  At that point I will already have a very good idea of your background as we will have previously gone through the questionnaire process but we may need to have a follow up conversation for a little more clarity.  Just send a quick email and I will follow up accordingly. 

I am new runner, is Online Coaching or an Individual Training Plan better for me?

You do not have to be a long time runner or fast to benefit from a proper training plan.  An individualized approach is always the superior choice whatever your ability level.  You will need to be honest with yourself, do you need a higher level of accountability, someone to take you through the various steps and phases of training to reach a goal or are you a bit more autonomous and just looking for a proven training methodology tailored for you?  Either is a great option.

 Do you coach athletes that participate in triathlons?

Definitely. I work with anyone that is willing to commit to putting in the time and effort necessary to see results.  The training I provide will only be running specific and not for the biking and swimming disciplines.  I will tailor your training plan based around all three and will work with your other coaches if necessary to make sure the run portion works in concert with the bike and swim. The training I provide will be specific to making you a better runner within the triathlon arena.