Charity Training Programs


Are you training for a particular event as part of Charity fundraising campaign or for the benefit of a charity organization?  There are numerous non-profit organizations using running events as a means of raising awareness and much needed funding to support their various causes.  If you are part of a Charity and have a group of individuals training for an event, Culpepper Coaching can help ensure a successful experience.


  • Discounted rate for a group based plan. 
  • All the members will be on the same program which will help with cohesiveness, accountability, motivation and ease of use.
  • Recruitment – when a group provides a training program as part of the fundraising template the number of individuals willing to take part greatly increases.  It can also be promoted that the program is being provided by Olympian Alan Culpepper which is also an added benefit to the participant and recruiting tool.
  • Peace of Mind knowing that you are getting the best possible program to support your efforts.  Simply put, it is one less thing to worry about.


If you are a program director or involved with a charity fundraising organization and interested in learning more about how Culpepper Coaching can support your efforts email