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Are you looking to:

+ Be a top age group runner?

+ Qualify for the Boston Marathon?

+ Run a personal best?

+ Get back in shape?

+ Run your first marathon?

+ Run your first ULTRA?

+ Take all the guesswork out of your training?

Alan can help you!

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Alan has been very fortunate to learn from great coaches and legendary athletes throughout his three decades of involvement in the sport of long distance running. In his early years he gained a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals from his lifelong friend Sam Walker who learned from the east African athletes he lived and trained with at the University of Texas El Paso. Later in life he would learn from Mark Wetmore in College who is one of the most accomplished NCAA coaches of our time.  Through training with other elite athletes he came to fully understand all the various elements of training and appreciate that there are certain, very definitive elements that must be present in order to get results. One of his primary goals in working with other runners is determining the right combination and proper amount of stimulus on the various training systems.  This customization, he believes, is vital since everyone’s physiology is different resulting in different combinations being necessary.

“There must be all the right training elements in the correct balance in order to have the desired result.”  —Alan Culpepper

Over the years Alan has discovered that most people have a basic understanding of what to include but where they often make a mistake is in the area of how much, and when to include the various components.  Lactate threshold, anaerobic threshold and speed work all must be considered. His programs are focused on making sure that not a single area is neglected to help your entire physiological response be developed properly.

  • + 5 Time Texas High School State Champion
  • + First Team High School Cross Country All American
  • + 4th at Kinney HS Cross Country Championships (’91)
  • + 8 Time NCAA Division I All American
  • + 1996 NCAA 5K National Champion
  • + United States Olympian (10K in 2000 & Marathon in 2004)
  • + Olympic Trials Marathon Champion (2004)
  • + 7 Time USA National Champion in Track & Cross Country
  • + Boston Marathon (4th 2005, 5th 2006)
  • + Chicago Marathon (6th 2002)
  • + 3:55.1 Personal Best Mile
  • + 13:25.6 Personal Best 5k
  • + 27:33.7 Personal Best 10k
  • + 2:09:41 Personal Best Marathon